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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training:
Çetinsan steel manufacturing business sectors are covered by a heavy and dangerous work.
Employees, the general rules of occupational health and safety, occupational accidents and obtain good purity reasons and risks in the workplace, accident, injury, and disease prevention complied with the principles and techniques of protection, the safe use of work equipment, legal rights and responsibilities of employees, information on legislation in the workplace to establish secure environment and systems, the use of personal protective device, shielded equipment operation, warning signs, chemical, physical and biological substances occurring risks, cleanliness and order, fire incident and fire protection, thermal comfort conditions, ergonomics, electrical hazards, risks and precautions , to be educated on topics such as first aid and rescue as well as for the provision of professional qualifications, vocational training Çetinsan carried out in our factory. 
Risk assessments, procedures and instructions related to health and the environment, such as studies and documentation of all actions identified hazard notification cheap jerseys on near-miss events are monitored and stored.
Health, Safety and Environment targets set for the sustainability of the system contains the following topics.
- Accidents
- Training
- Control
- Exercise
- HSE awareness
- HSE targets are determined for the employees of all the Çetinsan factory site.
Some of the procedures are as follows:
- Emergency procedure
- Occupational Health and Safety Committee to manage the instruction
- Statement of Work Accidents Investigation Procedure-Job Haslağı
- Drugs, Alcohol and tobacco policy
- Fire Fighting Instructions
- Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance Instructions
- Personal Protective Equipment and conditions of use
- Work Safe Work Procedure for Contractors.
- Fuel tank assembly
- Fuel Tanks Safe Entry and Cleaning