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Civil Works

In 1994, he started his business life and general construction, engineering, consultancy, manufacture, assembly areas of human Chetan has been serving Inc., continuously improving the investment is among the regional companies who have contributed substantially to the rapid growth and employment.

Natural Gas

  • Gas Stations.
  • Fuel Storage and Distribution Facilities.
  • Gas Station Canopies.
  • Underground and aboveground storage tanks.
  • Industrial Plants.
  • Pipelines.

Prefabrication Works

Fabrication and installation of aboveground and underground storage tanks required capacity and size.
Natural gas pipelines, gas conversion systems contracting.
Land, sea and underground process piping manufacturing and assembly work.
High-pressure, medium pressure and low pressure gas distribution networks and production projects.
Gas stations, manufacturing and assembly jobs. Tank and pipeline insulation works.
Factory conditions in the construction site with pre-primer sanding and sanding and painting works.
All kinds of steel construction and assembly works. Equipment installation.
The commissioning of the installation concerned, of facilities; maintenance, sandblasting, painting, automation, electrical, hardware, project contracting.
Enüstriyel facilities, the tank terminals and petrol stations international and Turkish standards in line with the project in accordance with the norms, machining in the atmospheric and pressure vessels of rotating equipment and spare parts of computer-aided machine tools, chipless production.


  • The design of the fuel storage terminals.
  • Design of refineries and petrochemical plants.
  • Design of the gas station.
  • Army, Navy and started the process of underground pipeline project services.
  • Gas pipelines and gas projects services related to systems conversion.
  • Projecting of All Forms made of industrial plant engineering calculations.